How Learning Happens: a GLOWING review

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Most education books I purchase are worth the price, but every now and then a priceless book pops up. Some books are just so good you know they are going to stand the test of time. Daisy Christodoulou’s 7 Myths About Education is a great example. That book was right on the money. I still reread and refer to it. Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion is another one. I am constantly flicking through it years after initially picking it up. These books are rare gems.

How Learning Happens by Paul Kirschner and Carl Hendrick is one of those priceless books. It’s a compilation of 28 seminal works in educational psychology grouped by topic.
1) How Does Our Brain Work?
2) Prerequisites For Learning
3) Which Learning Activities Support Learning?
4) The Teacher
5) Learning in Context
6) Cautionary Tales

How Learning Happens : Paul A. Kirschner : 9780367184575

Each chapter focuses on one research article chosen for its…

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