How Learning Happens – Kirschner & Hendrick – A Review

How then should we teach?

Sometimes you read books that change things. This book about seminal works is seminal in itself.

It might be assumed it is just no more than a summary of important psychological research for teachers organised nicely and illustrated in a sophisticated way. It would be good and worth your money if it was just that. However, it is far more. It is a springboard or launching off point for further study, deeper thought and greater reflections amongst time-poor teachers and leaders scrabbling for the time to understand what psychology has to say about their craft. Without doubt, this is a must read.

What’s in the book?

28 research papers are organised into six sections, covering a breadth of educational psychology insights for the classroom. From how the brain works, to contexts for learning, it also goes beyond this to consider ‘myths’ in education that lack an evidence base. Each work…

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